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Celebrating the Champions

Artist Statement

Celebrating the Champions is a series of photographs that showcases student athletes with various medical conditions. No matter how they are viewed, the athlete can achieve more than what may be assumed. I collaborated with the non-profit, Champions Committed to KIDS (CCK), which allows for a youth, ages ranging from early childhood to adolescence, to be a part of a high school or college level athletic team, giving them preference of sport.

I chose to depict each athlete based on a decisive moment; when the subject embodies the significance of the event. I want to express to my audience the individuality and complexity of the youth’s experience with their team, as I can perceive it. The photographs emphasize the bond between the athlete and their teammates, how they are like other individuals, and how the organization facilitates these experiences for their youth. I want my work to create awareness and a better understanding of how CCK is affecting each individual and the community. Being able to photograph the athletes has allowed me to learn more about who I am; I enjoy serving others and creating an impact on their lives in my work. I hope the value of each child is emphasized in these images.

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